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Nothing puts you at ease more than great recommendations. Read some of Holly’s glowing reviews and feel reassured that she will take your search seriously and have your best interests in mind.


“My friend recommended Hancock when I began my apartment search in Boston. I’m glad he did because Holly was an absolute pleasure to work with! Her market knowledge, tenacity, and great personality made finding an apartment in Boston (off-cycle) an enjoyable experience. We were thrown some serious curveballs during the search, and she crushed all of them. She was extremely accomodating and was able to meet with me at my office on several occasions and was completely sensitive to the hours I work. I can’t imagine the effort it would have taken me to land my dream apartment wthout her! Thanks again Holly!!!”

— Brent P.

“My husband and I are relocating from Western Massachusetts to Boston with a relatively quick turnaround time and were looking for a two-bedroom apartment with an outdoor space. We contacted agencies who ran print or craigslist ads for apartments in Cambridge, Somerville and the North End. Some of them turned out to be bait and switch, i.e., the apartment was actually larger and more expensive than the one advertised or did not exist at all.

We spent an entire day looking at a variety of apartments in Cambridge with two different agents; some living spaces were in total renovation stage, some were appropriate but did not have the patios we were looking for which is a tough item to find in Boston. By day’s end, I thought that I would have to take an apartment in a place I didn’t want, living like and with college students again, and that didn’t feel safe.

The next time we were in Boston just for the day, the first agency I walked into on Charles Street did not have any agents on site and or available. When I walked into Hancock Real Estate, Holly Cameron was there to greet me and asked me some questions about the apartment I was seeking and gave me an application. I knew nothing about the agency or that they dealt solely in the Back Bay and Beacon Hill. Holly told me about some apartments but at the time I still thought I wanted to be out of the city and wasn’t yet willing to pay the asking prices for rent, which are considerably higher than our area. But I can’t emphasize enough how friendly everyone in the agency was!

Holly was the only one to call once we got back home and to ask if we were still looking. She told us she had several apartments which had our required number of rooms and also outdoor space. When we returned, she showed us one apartment in Beacon Hill and one in Back Bay which turned out to be perfect for us. Through her company she was able to negotiate the price and again walked us through the lease via e-mails and phone calls without our having to come back into Boston. She took several snafus on our part with humor and gracefully helped make them right. We had the signed lease within a week from the landlord along with a list of the utilities and offices we needed to contact for the move.

I highly recommend Holly Cameron at Hancock Real Estate. She is professional, personable and a delight to work with in an otherwise stressful process. Her commitment to her clients is outstanding; she indeed wants to see them happy and matched with the best possible apartment. I look forward to seeing Holly in Boston.”

— Deb O.

“I came across an ad on craigslist posted by Holly and emailed a short response, not expecting much. I had been searching for an apartment for a few months at this point and was used to not getting a reply. Much to my excitement Holly responded only a few hours later and was very interested in finding out just what I was looking for in a new home.
I have a 40 lb dog and was thrilled when Holly gladly took on the challenge of finding me a nice sized, clean and convenient one bedroom apartment, that allowed pets within my budget, in a hurry. She found me the perfect apartment on the first try! She has been nothing but pleasant and wonderfully helpful in a stressful time (as moving always is!)
When I was in her office signing my lease, she took a phone call form a young lady looking for grad school housing. Holly gave her wonderful advice that directed business AWAY from herself! She later told me that she felt bad that she didn’t have anything for the caller, and wished she could have given her some stronger leads. I was very impressed because I have never seen a Realtor direct a prospective customer away because it would be in the customers best interest.
She is the type of Realtor you can only hope to get when looking for housing. I hope to use her for every future move I have in the city and will certainly recommend her to all of my friends. I can’t wait to move into my new home! Thank you so much Holly!”

— Mya S.


“Holly is a fabulous agent! She was professional, genial, and accommodating at every turn. I never would have thought to look in this neighborhood without her encouragement, so I have her to thank for my gorgeous new home. She helped the entire purchasing process go smoothly, and I could not be happier with the results.”

— Lauren E.


“Holly was the person I contacted from Hancock Real State Company Inc to find a unit in Boston.

The service she provided me for this matter was outstanding, very detail oriented to provide the best service, she was always available to answer any doubts I had, and provided me with an excellent and highly detailed showing of the unit.

I can recommend Holly as an excellent professional that shows an enormous potential for her future development.”

— Arturo S.

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